Enterprise Mobility And Security

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Protect your important information and data with the Enterprise Mobility Suite. Manage any phone, tablet, Surface, laptop or PC from one central location.

EMS allows you to manage what data, applications and information is downloaded onto your employee’s devices – whether they be company own or personal.

What can it do?

Examples of EMS’s capabilities:

-Remote wipe only company owned data if someone leaves the company leaving their personal data intact

-Remove everything entirely if a device goes missing or is stolen.

-Run site audits of all hardware and software

-Enforce company policies (like no emails on your phone unless you have a pin)

-Protect documents with passwords or ‘no forwarding’ policies

-Roll out single sign on to Office 365 and 3rd party apps

-Multi-factor authentication where needed

What’s included?

-Mobile Device Management

-Single sign-on and multi-factor verification options

-Information protection from the cloud

-Detects threats with unusual behaviour investigation

Additional Info: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/cloud-platform/enterprise-mobility-security

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